IT Service Management (ITSM)

The implementation of IT Service Management allows you to effectively manage IT services and support key ITIL processes in your organization. The ITSM Soflab Technology solution is a flexible, modular, built based on a set of tools developed by our partner, Atlassian company.


Soflab as Atlassian Silver Solution Partner offers all products from the wide Atlassian offer. We have favorable conditions to purchase a license. Soflab helps in the installation and configuration. We also customize tools to special Clients requirements and prepare training for administrators and end users.


Soflab GALL enables programming and testing teams to use databases containing credible information that are secure thanks to anonymization while maintaining their consistency. It also allows for pseudonymization and exercising the right to be forgotten in non-production environments.

Soflab RMS (Robot Management System)

Soflab RMS (Robot Management System) is not only a tool but also a methodology of implementing RPA class solutions for our Clients. This product allows for monitoring and management of robots and robotic farms, regardless of the technology used.


Continuous Quality is the idea of continuous and automated software quality control during the entire software development process, while reducing the risk of errors and the costs of repairing defects.


Test Matrix is a tool developed from scratch by Soflab Technology for supporting the test planning process,test scope optimisation, traceability, and advanced reporting based on the association of the objects.


It is a tool created for the purpose of verification of the flat file type ABNF, through which we are able to quickly and simply verifythedata contained inthem, as well as the file structure based on selected rules.


Soflab TARS is a tool developed by Soflab Technology from scratch in order to streamline and accelerate the process of analysis and reporting the results of Automated Tests, especially in the case of work execution by a distributed project team.