Boosting Business Digital Transformation through

Quality Assurance Strategy

Boosting Business Digital Transformation through

Continuous Quality

Boosting Business Digital Transformation through

Quality Engineering

Boosting Business Digital Transformation through

Quality Assurance Strategy

Boosting Business Digital Transformation through

Continuous Quality

Boosting Business Digital Transformation through

Quality Engineering





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  Why to nearshore testing in Poland with Soflab

Deployed testing methodology

We deploy original Soflab TESt Approach methodology and support growing testing maturity models in client’s organization.

Outcome driven transformation

Continuous delivery and Agile models proven in many advanced business transformation projects across mature industries.

Flexible Engagement Models

Engagement based on Fixed Scope or Flexible Time & Material models open for dedicated Teams Leasing. We provide SLA during our engagement oriented on set KPI’s.

Long term partnership

Efficient cooperation models benefit long term engagement with clients.

Skilled testing team

Over ten years presence on EU markets supports stable and reliable team of QA engineers. +5000 projects experience guarantee knowledgebased approach to any digital challenge.

Great locations

Geographically settled in the centre of Europe with easy access to all EU countries. Modern and data safe offices placed in Warsaw, Wrocław and Katowice.

We believe in partnership-based cooperation and always concentrate on customer business objectives in our work.

We are a truly performance driven organisation. Our focus is to support clients in digital transformation challenges thanks to in-depth understanding of multiple industries.

  Do you want to drive Quality Assurance and Testing but you lack the resources or know-how?
Your organization can benefit of a full Quality Assurance team without the associated setup cost and problems. Choosing Soflab Technology as a partner means ensuring the reliability of implemented software and maintaining business continuity. Our testers are vetted, experienced and passionate. Our work is objective and concentrates 100% on Client’s requirements. We give you our deep industrial & technological understanding to help you boost your business effectiveness.

Major benefits of our services:

Major benefits of our services:

Bolt-on extension to existing team

Focus on strategic activities and business objectives

Saving time and money thanks to up-to date technological solutions

Exchange of know-how and best practices

Independence in the testing process

Experienced professionals at a reasonable price

  We organize SAFe® trainings across entire Europe

Are you planning an agile transformation? The agile approaches which you currently use don’t work for larger solutions? Do you want to expand your knowledge and experience with the most popular agile approach for scaling agile?

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)

for Lean Enterprises is a knowledge base of proven, integrated principles, practices, and competencies for Lean, Agile, and DevOps.

Soflab – partner of Scaled Agile Inc.

Partnership with the American organization Scaled Agile Inc. allows us to provide and guarantee the highest quality training and consulting services related to the Agile and SAFe® approach. Close cooperation between our companies and exchange of experience gives us the opportunity to offer the most current information related to the Agile approach in the IT industry.

We can offer you:

Accredited and certified Scaled Agile Framework® training, conducted by our experts, practitioners with international experience in implementing Agile and SAFe® practices in many organizations around the world.

As partners of the American organization SAFe® we are part of the international “community”, which allows us to update and develop training in accordance with the latest and most popular standards in the world.

We offer training dedicated to all roles necessary to implement agile projects and programs in organizations, e.g.:

  • for Agile Coaches, Change Leaders, Agile Transformation Leaders, Managers or Project Directors (Leading SAFe®)
  • for Scrum Masters, Project Managers (SAFe® Scrum Master and SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master)
  • Product Owners and Product Managers (SAFe® Product Owner / Product Manager)Agile Teams operating in Scrum or Kanban (SAFe® For Teams)
    All of our trainings end with exams for international and recognized SAFe® certifications.
For more information visit:

  Clients and industries

We support over 100 clients every month delivering top notch QA experts to their practise.









We support a number of industry sectors ranging from banking, insurance, telecommunication and media, professional services, transportation and logistics retail and public sector. We have over 100 Clients in our portfolio. We work directly with the end Clients, both from Business and IT, as well as with IT software vendors. We strongly believe, that the highest value is the trust put in us by our Clients.

  Technological tools for test automation

  Why Testing with Soflab Technology?
Soflab Technology is the market leader in testing and Quality Assurance of ICT solutions.



QA engineers


Our experienced team can cover every need in QA outsourcing.

We are ready to work in a flexible schedule and on request.

Thanks to a regional model of the company development we can afford to offer the software testing services by the most reasonable prices.



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  Our publications on importance of Quality Assurance and testing outsourcing
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It’s all about the Data

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Quality certified with recognition of ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 norms.