Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence portfolio responds to the needs related to take advantage of the potential of the data in the organisation.

 During many projects run for our Clients we have had contact with different configurations of BI solutions / data architecture. We are able to translate this experience into the right choice of tools and technologies, recommending those that fit the best to the requirements of our Clients and are compatible with the currently used BI solutions.

 We have many years of experience gained in large and smaller projects, implemented for the telecommunications, financial, insurance, tourism, manufacturing and public sectors, in Poland and abroad, including consultancy, assistance in selecting and matching the solution to the needs and budget of the Client (e.g. dedicated solutions, use of open source tools).


  • Reliability of Management Data in the reports.
  • Streamlining decision-making processes and simplicity in adding supplementary criteria and analytical dimensions.
  • Forecasting, discovery of regularity and trends allowing quick response to competitors’ actions and unusual behaviour of customers (especially fraud-detection processes improvement, anti-churn, detection of profitable and non-profitable customers groups).
  • Single Access System to corporate data and islands of information elimination.
  • Conducting analysis without involving IT department and burdening the IT infrastructure of source systems.
  • Effective support for implementation of customer experience management in the organization – understanding Client paths.


  • Audits, consultancy and preparation of BI system architecture models.
  • Designing and building Data Warehouses including data supply layer (ETL) and data cleaning process (DQ).
  • Building reports and analytic environments.
  • Implementation of system integration projects and prepare tools to support the migration process.
  • Development of the existing BI / DWH environment.
  • Maintenance and assurance data stability and quality.
  • Preparation of consistent and anonymous data for the test environment, based on our own solution –Soflab GALL.