Business Process Analysis and Testing

Verification of business processes is the most important element of the software testing process. After conducting the analysis we will have an extremely accurate assessment of the quality of the product and of whether it meets predefined requirements.

Soflab’s experience in working for organisations in various industries leads to a better understanding of processes and of our client’s needs. Our tests of business processes are specifically tailored to the needs of our clients, with particular attention to priorities and risks. When performing tests, we provide clients with best practices regarding the test process and suggest its improvements.

Analysis of business processes often form the basis of software verification, both in companies producing software and organisations that use purchased IT solutions.


  • Improve quality of implemented solutions
  • Early identification of risks associated with changes in IT systems
  • Increase efficiency of the support of business processes through IT systems
  • Minimize risks of downtime and reducing losses due to unavailability or irregularities of a system
  • Improve reliability and consistency of data in IT systems and reports generated on the basis thereof


  • Functional tests of business processes
  • Acceptance tests
  • Enterprise management system tests (SAP, Oracle EBS)
  • Tests of CRM and Billing systems
  • Business continuity tests
  • Usability verification
  • Business process regression tests