Outstanding team

Our team consists of specialists with a broad in-depth experience and extensive knowledge of Information Technology. For them, Quality Assurance is a real passion.

Interesting projects

We have successfully delivered numerous projects in multiple market sectors. This enables continuous development of our team’s competences (we believe there is always something new to learn and share no matter how expert an individual is!), improves the efficiency of our services and lets us develop new organisational and technical solutions.


We plan our career paths in such a way that career goals are not only achievable, but also rewarding for our employees. We pay special attention to ensure that all training enhances skills and keeps us up to date with the changing trends in the IT Industry.

Quality Policy

Soflab’s philosophy derives directly from our practical experience in and knowledge of Quality Assurance in IT projects. Thanks to the fact that we operate in a documented and verifiable manner, we are constantly improving methodologies and organisational processes, which considerably helps in our team’s development.