Quality management

Quality management is a continuous process the aim of which is to improve the quality of both products and IT solutions by means of optimizing the already existing processes. Depending on client’s needs, it may be focused on test activities as well as on entire software development process.

Building the quality of products and ICT solutions begins at the initial stage of a project or a production process and very often cannot be achieved only through testing. Therefore, it is crucial for the quality management process to cover all stages – from defining work scope, gathering requirements and their verification, analysis, solution design, coding, up to testing and change management. Auditing may also serve an effective tool providing an independent system, process, project, product or even the entire organization evaluation.

Soflab employees responsible for providing auditing and consulting services are experienced professionals whose daily tasks involve deployment projects, quality and security assurance and maintenance.


  • Increase in test effectiveness through process optimization, providing relevant resources – such as environment, data or test tools
  • A thorough diagnosis of problems and reduced effectiveness
  • Defining KPIs, SLAs and OLAs among the participants of the development process and holding them accountable, including enforcing contractual penalties.
  • Possibility to define the optimal scope of test activities and cost effective outsourcing model of all or chosen ICT tests


  • Preparing test plans and strategy
  • Test process review, improvement and implementation
  • Test organization and control
  • Test management
  • Test problem management
  • Development process review and improvement
  • Operational readiness verification