Functional testing services

We have been testing the most complex IT systems for over the decade. Companies from various industries start to cooperate with us, to streamline the software development cycle and supplement it with additional consultants in order to improve the quality of IT projects. Soflab consultants perform tests starting from the early software lifecycles, to enable detection of possible issues as soon as possible. It ensures the overall cost’s reduction of adjustments, resulting from the detection of deviations at a later stage of system development.

The Softlab approach to functional testing is structured. It is based on proven testing techniques, tools, test accelerators and methodologies, which are in line with internationally recognized standards. Our approach guarantees, that new functionalities and changes will be respectively verified, before the product will be released to implementation.

Cooperation models

Industry experience

Use the knowledge of professionals from various industries:

  • telco
  • banking
  • insurance
  • media
  • fintech
  • e-commerce
  • mobile aps

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