Thanks to RPA (Robotic Process Automation),

the repetitive and tedious tasks that had previously been performed manually, now will be mapped by our software. If the processes in your company:

require multiple instances of manual data duplication and transfer

are rule-based and standardized

require access to multiple systems

are susceptible to human error

Then they're perfect to be automatized.

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Key advantages of RPA deployment

What can we do for you?

Our offer also includes Soflab RMS (Robot Management System).

This product is not only a tool, but also a methodology of implementing RPA solutions for our Clients. Soflab RMS allows for uniform management and monitoring of robots and agents, regardless of the technology used.

We deal with all areas related to concept preparation, development, deployment and maintenance of robots.

Our partner in RPA deployment is the Nova Praxis company, who provide process analysis and measurement. This way we will help you focus your company's RPA operations on the most beneficial areas for business.

Process analysis, measurement
and  optimization
Robotization strategy
Benefit analysis
Process preparation
Robot development, deployment and maintenance
Internal task force and change-management process support

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Methodology of implementing RPA

Soflab Technology carries out the automation of business processes based on the implemented robotization strategy and its mechanisms, areas and stages: Stages of business process automation
Managing the business processes of a company
  • Business process/activity identification and accounting
  • Normalization and process improvement
RPA strategy
  • RPA Governance Model (Business Case; Roadmap of processes dedicated for RPA improvements; Technological framework – tool, guidelines to follow)
RPA deployments
  • Designing robots according to the RPA Roadmap
  • Robot maintenance and modernization
Modernization and change management

Completed projects

Why is it a good idea to deploy RPA with Soflab Technology?

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