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Automate the repetitive testing of systems or applications

and focus on testing in development areas. Experts at Soflab Technology draw from their many years of project- related experience to create effective and cost-efficient solutions for:

Small & Startup

Benefits from automation of system and application testing

Optymalizacja kosztów


  • Less labor-intensive regression testing
  • Allowing a simultaneous verification of multiple users, browsers, mobile devices, as well as configurations and datasets
  • Reducing the workload of manual testing teams
Czas realizacji


  • Reduced testing time
  • Possibility to run tests at any time (24/7 mode)
  • Automatic tests can be run simultaneously in different environments


  • Automatic verification of data processed by applications
  • Repeatability of tests and eliminating human error
  • Expanded range of applications covered by testing
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How do we work?

It takes a comprehensive approach and strategic planning to efficiently implement test automation in an organization. In order to optimize the cost-efficiency of automation, we follow a three-step plan:

Tool PoC
2 days (free of charge)

  • preliminary analysis of needs
  • preliminary analysis of scope
  • tool selection
  • preliminary cost analysis

Service pilot
5-10 days

  • installing and configuring the test automation environment
  • automating sample business processes
  • determining the components of evaluation
  • developing an initial strategy of implementing test automation


  • strategy and tools have been selected
  • products and scope of work have been clearly defined
  • cooperation model has been agreed upony
  • evaluation and schedule of work have been precisely determined

How do we carry out a project?

The process of implementing test automation solutions at Soflab Technology is performed according to well-established standards, which are then tailored to suit the particular needs of clients and IT systems.

Analyzing and prioritizing the scope Creating the test automation environment Test automation Training sessions and handing over the documentation Maintenance
Citrus Reporting Running
the script(s)
Preparing the script(s)
Analyzing and prioritizing the scope Creating the test automation environment Test automation Business
Preparing the script(s) Running
the script(s)
Reporting Training sessions and handing over the documentation Maintenance support


We use a wide range of tools and programming languages

Integration testing
SoapUI Tricentis Citrus Karate NeoLoad
Mobile application testing
Appium Tricentis Ranorex Studio Katalon
Logotypes Logotypes
Web application testing
Cucumber Selenium Tricentis Galen Katalon Protractor Ranorex Webtestit Ranorex Studio
Dekstop application testing
Tricentis Ranorex Studio

We're in partnerships with the developers of leading test automation tools

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