Why is Poland is the best choice for outsourcing your software testing?


Software testing is a market standard

Testing is an integral phase of software development and support in the production process.  The occurrence of errors can disrupt business processes, create security threats and pose a risk to the business, both in a financial context and a loss of reputation.


According to the principle of 1: 10: 100, the sooner we solve the detected problem, the less the cost will be, so detection of errors at the project stage is the most effective stage in the software development cycle. Fixing a bug after software deployment is already 100 times more expensive.

The relative cost of fixing software defects depending on the phase of the software lifecycle


Source: IBM Systems Sciences Institute, https://www.researchgate.net/publication/255965523_Integrating_Software_Assurance_into_the_Software_Development_Life_Cycle_SDLC/link/02e7e52114e5e1ba71000000/download


Outsourcing testing is growing steadily

Therefore, it is not surprising that the market for software testing services is fast and continues to grow. Demand for outsourced testing services is expected to grow by 11% per year in 2016-2020.


Whitelane IT Outsourcing Research claims that about 89% of customers are satisfied with cooperation with European outsourcing service providers. Moreover, 80% of respondents confirm that they will continue to outsource in the same or greater volume.


Source: https://www.alliancy.fr/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/europesurvey20152016Finalreportmgtsummary-2.pdf


Nearshoring or offshoring?

Until recently, India was the obvious choice for outsourcing, but continuous automation and robotics and increasing quality requirements have changed the world of outsourcing. Simple tasks, which were usually transferred to Asia to reduce costs, are increasingly automated. In addition, labor costs have ceased to be the only factor influencing the choice of outsourcing, and the importance of efficiency, specialization and quality of service. Western companies, instead of looking for resources on the other side of the globe, turned towards the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, deciding to nearshoring, that is, outsourcing from countries that share a relatively short distance, geographical, cultural, legal and political.

Why is Poland a good choice for outsourcing test services?

As a member of the European Union with the fastest growing economy, Poland offers favorable conditions for companies that think about outsourcing IT services.

According to the report ” 2019 A. T. Kearney Global Services Location Inde”(Source: https://www.atkearney.com/digital-transformation/gsli/2019-full-report ), which compares 55 countries in three main categories: financial attractiveness, skills and availability of people and business environment, Russia was recognized as a country with strong foundations for potential outsourcing of it solutions.

In the ranking from 2019 “Tholons Globalization Services IndexTM – 100 Super Cities”(Source: http://www.tholons.com/digital-innovation/) Russia was on the 15th place among the countries most recommended for BPO investments. For more than a decade, Tholons reports have listed 50 States and 100 cities ranked as the best places to outsource. Tholons experts assess maturity, environment, business, potential for further development, saturation of the market of investments from the sector of modern services for business, and many other factors.

Among the awarded Polish cities over the years there are: Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, and in 2018 was also Gdansk.

The IT sector in Poland is thriving and growing at an average of several percent per year. PMR forecasts revenue in the Polish IT market in 2018 increases by 5.5 percent in annual terms, reaching the level of 32.6 billion rubles. In 2019 the dynamics should be 4.8 percent, which means getting the value of 34.2 billion PLN. As a rule, the average growth rate of the Polish IT market in 2018-2023 is estimated at 3 percent per year.
Source: http://www.abnewswire.com/pressreleases/it-outsourcing-market-2017-global-analysis-opportunities-and-forecast-to-2022_104181.html  

High English proficiency
Good communication between customer and service provider is crucial for software testing services. Language barriers can prevent successful work, so it is important that the team is fluent in English. For the IT industry, where people often work on international projects – this is an absolute requirement. By English Proficiency Index 2018 (Source: https://www.ef.pl/epi/), which rates 88 countries based on their level of English proficiency, Poland was ranked 13th in the world in terms of English proficiency.


Solid technical knowledge
 In Poland more than 500 universities, including many technical universities with a strong position.

World University ranking Center world University ranking (CWUR) 2018/2019 (Source:https://cwur.org/2018-19.php) included 10 Polish universities, including 3 technical universities:Warsaw University of Technology (576th place), AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow (633rd place) and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (844th place in the ranking).

According to the Central Statistical Office (CSO), Polish technical universities receive more than 15,000 new specialists a year. Our country currently employs about 254,000 engineers. (Source: The State of the European Tech 2017)

Source: https://infoshare.pl/news/one,66,246,1,central-eastern-europe-developer-landscape-2017-a-report-by-stack-overflow.html

Polish engineers are recognized as some of the best in the world. Polish developers receive the highest marks in international programming competitions such as Google Code Jam, Microsoft Imagine Cup, Central European Programming Contest [CEPC] or TopCoder.

The mentioned Top Coder ranking ranks Polish developers at the 4th place in the world in terms of skills. And in the final bill Hacker Rank called Which Country Would Win in the Programming Olympics? Poland took 3rd place, beating such tech giants as the United States (28th place) and South Korea (22.), as well as traditional outsourcing regions such as India (31.).

Source: Russia in Global Ranking, https://medium.com/javashop/why-polish-developers-are-one-of-the-best-in-the-world-57787edf26e7

Polish specialists do a lot for the development and innovation of the project, which will give them the opportunity to develop their skills, so they rank 3rd among the most persistent programmers in the world.

Source: https://blog.hackerrank.com/which-country-would-win-in-the-programming-olympics/

Close location and no time difference

Choosing nearshoring makes it easier to monitor the work of the outsourcing team and maintain personal contact with the people working on the project. You can arrange an interview without a special schedule to find common working hours or get on a plane, meet the team and return home the same day. All Central and Eastern European countries belong to the UTC + 1 or UTC + 2 time zone (the exception is Belarus, which belongs to UTC + 3).


Cultural similarities
European countries share historical experiences, common values and similarities in business culture. Thanks to this, daily cooperation is easier and team members are not exposed to any disagreements stemming from cultural differences.


Data security and intellectual property protection

Software testers can have access to confidential information about the project, customers and the company, so compliance with European standards and principles of data protection and intellectual property is especially important. Poland has adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), containing provisions on the protection of individuals in connection with the processing of personal data, as well as provisions on the free movement of personal data.


Poland is a country with strong foundations for potential outsourcing of IT solutions and at Soflab Technology we understand that our IT outsourcing offer also reinforces the main advantages:

  • highly qualified and well communicating in English professionals,
  • access to a large number of IT graduates,
  • economic attractiveness of the region,
  • data security and intellectual property protection,
  • optimal location – our offices are located in cities with their own airports (Warsaw, Wroclaw, Katowice) and have a direct connection to the Western European road network.