10 years of soflab technology

Soflab Technology celebrates 10 years of activity!


Over 5000 of completed projects in 14 countries, nearly 300 specialists, 80% of returning Clients, almost 50 million zloty of revenues – this is Soflab Technology in numbers on the 10th anniversary of activity. The biggest Polish testing services and ICT quality provider is investing in original products for data masking, management, and monitoring of robots and automates, as well as ITSM solution for process management.

The history of Soflab Technology began in the year 2008 in Katowice, Poland. The company was established by Michał Górski, Tomasz Szadkowski and Krzysztof Brud. – When we started, hardly anyone was aware of the benefits coming from cooperation with an independent tester of IT solutions quality. Our mission was to convince the market that cooperating with a company independent from the supplier is worth it. A lot has changed in that matter since we began operating 10 years ago. Today, quality is one of the three key aspects focusing the attention of producers and suppliers. They already know that the price for launching an underdeveloped product is a loss of reputation and clients’ dissatisfaction. – Tomasz Szadkowski, CEO of Soflab Technology.

Today, the end users are accustomed to solutions that are functional and useful. To stay on the market, companies have to deliver products which – at least – are accepted by the users and comparable with the ones offered by the competition. – The role of companies such as our is to help these organizations and contribute to making their solutions reliable. Our results prove that we’re doing it right. 80% of customers come back to us after the realization of the first project. The number of orders completed abroad is growing at an increasing pace. This year, for the third time we were included by British TEST Magazine in the TOP 20 Leading Testing Providers ranking.

Soflab Technology, besides providing services, is investing in original solutions. In 2018, the offer has been extended by Soflab GALL – a tool for data anonymization and pseudonymization. Data masking is important especially for companies wanting to assure the compliance with GDPR requirements and rule out the risk of data loss in non-productive environments. Soflab Technology is also developing services in the area of Robotic Process Automation. In the upcoming year, we will perfect our Soflab RMS (Robotic Process Management) solution. This product is not only a tool but most importantly a methodology of RPA implementation which we provide for our Clients.

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