We implement state-of-the-art solutions for the automation of business processes
(Robotic Process Automation).

Do you want to enhance the performance of your company? Do it with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We enable companies to move from analog solutions towards automated digital.
RPA bots, Voicebots and Chatbots, AI – all these technologies can help set you up for success. The benefits of RPA such as flexibility and scalabity can work to your advantage. In most cases bots are capable to do what humans – retrieve data from multiple systems and manage them.The repetitive and tedious tasks that had previously been performed manually, now will be mapped by our software.

If the processes in your company:

require multiple instances of manual data duplication and transfer

are rule-based and standardized

require access to multiple systems

are susceptible to human error

Then they’re perfect to be automatized.

Key advantages of RPA deployment

Improved efficiency, reduced costs and short payback time of the investment

  • Robots can work productively even 24/7 and complete tasks more quickly than people, navigating skillfully around data stored in various locations and systems. This way, the time needed to access information is cut down significantly, causing the decision-making processes to be much more effective.
  • The payback period of a proper RPA deployment is usually shorter than a year (3-6 months on average) but this is subject to change depending on the project, the process, as well as the process environment. Robot implementation takes place quite quickly because RPA programming and configuring for each process can be done within a few weeks, without any impact on the IT infrastructure in place.

Integration of data from multiple systems

RPA ensures a comprehensive process automation without the need of incurring the technical costs of designing an interface between applications. RPA works within the graphical user interface (GUI) of existing enterprise systems and software, such as CRM, ERP, etc., removing the need for involving an IT department or investing in more complicated solutions.


Thanks to an RPA deployment, organizations become more flexible and quickly increase the scale in order to deal with constantly changing conditions, as well as new requirements with respect to workload and an ever-growing number of events to be managed. RPA also increases the capacity to respond to both short-term and long-term work increase – there’s no need to launch new recruitment procedures.

Proactive risk management

By using robots, it’s easier to prevent human error – a well-designed robot just doesn’t make mistakes. Data processing quality can easily be supervised with automated control points. This is particularly important in regulated industries with strict requirements of conformity or the need to produce documentation for auditing purposes.

Increasing the satisfaction of clients and employees

Higher quality of performed tasks, standardization and a lower response time significantly improve the clients’ satisfaction with the company. Employee motivation gets boosted by the fact that robots do all the routine, time-consuming and repetitive work that gives no satisfaction. That’s what sparks plenty of enthusiasm to concentrate on more useful tasks.

  How do we work – step by step

Process analysis and identification repetitive tasks

    • RPA can significantly improve business operations. We analyse processes to identificate these activities, which are likely to have more greater impact on a company’s business operations.

Robotization strategy

    • We choose the right technologies to improve specific processes in your company.

Benefit analysis

    • We calculate possible savings, so you are aware of estimated process automation ROI.

Robot developement and deployment

    • The Soflab & UiPath partner network brings the state-of-the-art robotic solutions to your business.

Training of employees

    • We training your employees to work with robots. It’s important to know how they’re programmed and how they’ll be utilized every day.

Technical support and maintenance

    • Our post-deployment and maintenance support ensures improved efficiency and keep the solutions up-to-date.
Process analysis, measurement and optimization
Robotization strategy
Benefit analysis
Process preparation
Robot development, deployment and maintenance
Internal task force and change-management process support

Do you want to enhance performance and decrease operating costs? Contact us for details about RPA solutions for your company.

Methodology of implementing RPA

Soflab Technology carries out the automation of business processes based on the implemented robotization strategy and its mechanisms, areas and stages:

Stages of business process automation

Why is it a good idea to deploy RPA with Soflab Technology?


We had been dealing with automation long before it was widely deployed as a way to improve business processes. We grew up in software testing and while working in the field since 2008, we became a leader on the market of IT quality assurance. For us, automation has been and still is one of the main ways of carrying out time- and labor-consuming software tests. We have a proven RPA deployment strategy, and that is – a comprehensive and structured RPA implementation process.


We have built a team of experts, who take on business process automation with confidence. We successfully deployed RPA technology in our own company, specifically in personnel and payroll services, accounting and document management.


When it comes to robotization and automation, we use the most widely-known and leading technologies but we also supplement them with our own tools and solutions. We can choose appropriate tools tailoring the specific needs of our clients, taking into consideration technical and business challenges.