Soflab TARS is a tool developed by Soflab Technology from scratch in order to streamline and accelerate the process of analysis and reporting the results of Automated Tests, especially in the case of work execution by a distributed project team.


Advantages of the tool

  • Delivery time reduction of verified results for automated tests

    It is ideal for projects based on Agile methodologies, where it is very important to provide verified results of tests running at a high frequency as soon as possible.

  • Parallel analysis of tests results from multiple test environments

    Maximisation of benefits from tool usage is particularly evident in the case of implementation of automated tests on a number of parallel test environments as part of the Continuous Delivery / DevOps approach.

  • Improvement of the process of analysis and reporting

    The tool allows full control of the whole reporting process (tests results in a real time) and enables efficient allocation change between different levels of support / specialisation of people undertaking analysis of results for particular test cases / test scripts, resulting in the possibility of substantial savings in delivery time of reports and in the involvement of a team in the area of analysis and reporting of results.


How does it work?

In the solution developed by Soflab Technology, within the tests code framework that is being used, single scripts report results of their performance directly to the Soflab TARS tool. This allows for the option to combine them into one consolidated report from multiple parallel threads executed within a set of running scripts.

The beginning of the analysis is possible right after the first script from the running set of tests is performed. There is no need for waiting of the results of all scripts from this set, as it so often happens in standard reporting solutions.

The test automation analyst at the stage of preliminary analysis is able to link analysed results of script run with corresponding defect (due to integration with JIRA), change status of the script execution, and allocation of the analysis to verify at a higher level of support.

After the verification of all scripts from the executed set, a report of tests and analysis results is generated with the option to export it into a .xls file or inclusion to an e-mail.


Tool functions

Soflab TARS enables:

  • multilevel configuration of roles and permissions in the system 

  • support of multiple parallel projects

  • support for many popular test frameworks

  • parameterisation and reporting coverage for any additional attributes of scripts - impossible, or difficult to be parameterised at the code level

  • customisation of the appearance of the report with regard to the reporting of the trend from recent execution at the level of each script

  • integration with JIRA in the area of defect reporting and getting information about known issues, leading to a reduction of time for the analysis of the report
  • export of the test results along with the analysis to .xls files
  • generation of a report view which can be included to an e-mail