Tools, data masking and test environments

When we test software, we not only verify if the implementation of requirements is correct, but we also take care of the management of test collateral, the environment, and test data.

With this in mind, we offer a comprehensive testing process supported by open-source tools, as well as by solutions from recognized developers (AtlassianCA TechnologiesCheckmarx, HP, InflectraNeotysSmartBear and others).

We also help our clients choose and implement tools that are best suited to their needs, as well as modernize solutions they may already use.

Using our own solution - Soflab GALL, we ensure the security and credibility of data in a non-productive environment. The information is anonymized, but they also preserve consistency and statistical properties. More about Soflab GALL.



  • Testers have more time to spend on activities that require expertise
  • Shortening TTM (time to market) through an efficient and transparent testing process
  • Greater awareness of testing throughout the organisation
  • Automatic verification of SLAs signed with software providers
  • Eliminating the risk of confidential data leaks in non-production environments and at the same time preserving the credibility and integrity as well as analytical and statistical properties of data
  • Enabling the augmentation of output data volume


  • Monitoring applications in a production environment (APM)
  • Implementation of Atlassian tools (JIRA, Confluence)
  • Implementation of ALM test support tools
  • Selection / Evaluation of test tools
  • Organization of Continuous Quality in DevOPS and Continuous Delivery environments
  • Management of test data
  • Anonymization of data in test environment
  • Management of test environments
  • Test reporting