How to choose the right company for software testing?


Many companies, looking for the most effective model of services implementation, prefer software testing outsourcing. The competitive advantages of outsourcing are, first of all, cost reduction, obtaining objective, specialized knowledge, more efficient use of resources and the ability to focus on the strategic goals of the organization. However, choosing the model itself is not everything because the next step is finding a reliable partner with whom you can implement the project.

There are thousands of test service providers around the world. Most of them have experience, an extensive  portfolio of completed projects, and client recommendations. Therefore, companies that are looking for a software testing outsourcing service provider often find it difficult to choose the one that best meets their requirements and offers a high level of service, and a suitable collaboration model.

Identify what is important to you in IT services outsourcing

The choice of supplier is always based on certain criteria important from the client’s point of view. It is hard to find a company offering IT outsourcing services that is perfect for every organization. Therefore, before choosing a supplier you should have outlined the selection criteria that are critical for you. Want to save money? Do you lack technical knowledge? Or maybe you struggle to cope with project peaks?

Review the list of factors you should pay attention to and find the company that best meets your individual business needs and offers the deepest technical expertise.

What to look for when choosing a quality assurance service provider?

  1. Review the provider’s service portfolio.
    It should involve a wide range of manual and automatic tests and take into account the use of various tools and technologies.
  2. Make sure that the company has experience in Agile projects.
    Agile processes aimed at efficient and rapid response to changes, ensuring continuous interaction and knowledge sharing, are a good choice for outsourcing services.
  3. Check the certificates.
    In testing services, the key and globally recognized ones are ISTQB certifications that reflect the knowledge of best testing practices and quality assurance principles.
    In addition, the company must have certificates from major technology partners that ensure that the provider knows what to do in a given technology stack.
    Moreover, pay attention to the awards and evaluations of the industry, such as, for example, 20 Leading Testing Providers, which confirms the high quality of services, innovative approach to IT solutions verification, and the promotion of good practices in this area.
  4. Check the technical infrastructure.

Make sure that the selected company has the appropriate methodology, test procedures, necessary software and tools that are suitable for your needs.

  1. Evaluate communication level.

When contacting a potential supplier, pay attention to the level of communication. How quickly  does he respond to your requests? Are the answers adequate and exhaustive? Good level of English is also necessary for effective cooperation with a foreign outsourcing company. Another important aspect that affects communication and business cooperation is community and cultural matching.

  1. Check the project structure.

Transparency of the structure is very important because it helps to avoid communication bottlenecks in further cooperation. Contacting the competent person responsible for the registration should not cause any problems.

  1. Consider whether the location is right for you.

How long will it take to get to the supplier? Is there an airline in the place where they have their office? Are they in a convenient time zone, and will it be easy to reach them or organize a teleconference?

Remember to discuss all the important details that will affect the implementation of the project, such as the interaction model, communication channels, KPIs, etc., before making the final decision. Ask as many questions as you need to make the final decision.


Outsourcing is a great way to expand a business or implement changes in an organization, provided that the right partner has been chosen. Plan the process, invest time in vetting candidates and ask relevant questions.


  • Your goal should be clear and specific.
  • Think about why you need outsourcing and what will be outsourced?
  • Define clear criteria for selecting an IT provider.
  • Before signing the contract, discuss all aspects of cooperation with your partner.

If you carefully approach the process of choosing a supplier, you will definitely find an outsourcing company that will help you achieve your business goals.